Government Travel Committee

The Government Travel Committee reviews the Government Travel Directive and the Commuting Assistance Directive and hears final level grievances on these authorities, when required by the Executive Committee. The Committee also recommends changes to various rates and premiums on a periodic basis.

Committee Advisor: 

Quarterly Report to the National Joint Council (June 2016)

Regular activities:

  • The Committee has not met since the last Council meeting.
  • The Committee wishes to note the departure of Lyne Landriault, Chairperson and René Houle, CSC and thank them for their commitment to the Committee over the years.

  • The Committee welcomed a new Chairperson, Janelle Wright, from the PSC.

Cyclical review activities:

  • The Committee has deferred any further work on communication pieces until the Travel Directive is finalized.

Outstanding item(s): 

  • Thirteen (13) grievances:  four (4) grievances are in abeyance as the parties attempt to settle the issues; the NJC Secretariat is awaiting additional information from the parties on three (3) grievances; one (1) grievance has been referred to the Executive Committee for a preliminary decision on the basis of jurisdiction; one (1) is in analysis with the Committee Advisor; two (2) grievances are set to be scheduled; one (1) grievance hearing has been scheduled for June 2016 and one (1) other hearing has been scheduled for September 2016.

Next meeting:  June 22, 2016

Last Modified: 2016-09-23