The Executive Committee of the National Joint Council (NJC) is pleased to announce that it recently accepted the report of the Work Force Adjustment Committee in regard to the Cyclical Review of the Directive

The Employer and Bargaining Agents, under the auspices of the NJC, have considered several proposals from both representatives.

The revised Directive applies to represented employees of the public service who list the National Joint Council Directive in their collective agreements and for which Treasury Board is the employer.

Implementation date

The revised Directive is effective on December 6, 2001.


The main changes are:

For more details, you will find attached a document called Impact of changes in which all the changes to the Directive are clearly identified.

The NJC Executive Committee wishes to thank all members of the WFA Committee for their efforts and commitment in this important review.


For more information on the changes to the Directive please visit the NJC website (, and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat website ( A series of Questions and Answers for clarification is available.

All your questions should be addressed to departmental personnel. Designated departmental officials may contact:

Transition and Work-Life policies group
Treasury Board Secretariat
Telephone: (613) 957-2672
Fax: (613) 957-8289


Roles and responsibilities

Official notification

Relocation of a work unit


Definition of a Reasonable Job Offer

The Committee revised the definition of a Reasonable job offer (RJO) in order to include job offers from PSSRA Part II employers, providing that:

In parallel to the changes brought forward, the committee agreed to a memorandum of understanding by which the employer agrees to consult the signatory parties to the NJC/WFA on the review of the policy on long-term Specified Period Employment.

Options for employees