In December of 2003, the National Joint Council (NJC) launched its 60th Anniversary Program for 2004. This program was created to celebrate 60 years of continuing commitment by employer and bargaining agent members who have made an effort to improve the workplace in the public service through cooperative activities. 

One of the main elements of this program was the creation of a recognition award to acknowledge the special contribution made by the many participants involved with the NJC on both the employer and bargaining agent sides. This award recognizes excellence and leadership among outstanding NJC representatives and, by doing so, helps model successful approaches to co-operation for the future.

Under the rules of the NJC Special Recognition Program, any member of Council or of a constituent body of Council, any Departmental or Agency Liaison Officers, or the General Secretary, may nominate a candidate who meets one or more of the following criteria of excellence:

In this the inaugural year of the award, the NJC agreed to recognize five individuals and in future years will recognize up to two individuals each year for their significant contribution.

Recipients of the NJC Special Recognition Program