This new FSD 16 has been approved effective July 1, 2005.

The provisions of this directive (except for Lot Size – see below) are identical to those of FSD 16 – Assistance to Principal Residence, effective June 1, 2003.

However, the directive has been completely revised to simplify and clarify its language. Its sections have been reorganized and renumbered to present the information in a more logical, sequential manner.

An index outlines the new organization of the directive, which is now divided in three parts:

Part A – Employee as Tenant
Part B – Employee as Homeowner
Part C – Purchase and Sale of Principal Residence

Each part is sub-divided in sections which have been given descriptive titles.

The instructions and guidelines now identify the section to which they refer.

Lot Size: Lot Size limits have been changed from a maximum of one acre to a maximum of 1.235 acres (1/2 hectare), or where required by zoning laws, a maximum of 4 acres (2.67 hectares). This has been done to make the lot sizes identical to the lot size limits contained in the NJC Integrated Relocation Directive.

Lot Size is discussed in the new Sections 16.09(a) – Reimbursable Expenses/Real Estate Fees, 16.13(a) – Unusual Properties/Land or Acreage Above the Prescribed Limit, and 16.14 – Private Sale.

FSD 16.06 – Career Foreign Service Employees (Rotational): The specific provisions applying to career foreign service employees (rotational) have been collated in Section 16.06.

FSD 16.07 – Foreign Assignment Employees (Non-Rotational): The specific provisions applying to foreign assignment employees (non-rotational) have been collated in Section 16.07.

FSD 16.08 – Tax Implications: The information pertaining to tax implications has been collated in this section.

FSD 16.17 - Relocation Between Canadian Cities and Relocation Between Mission/Canadian City Other than Employee's Headquarters City: This section collates and clarifies the provisions which apply in a relocation between Canadian cities, and in a relocation between the mission and a Canadian city other than the employee's headquarters city.

Annexes: Annexes A to E to FSD 16, although somewhat outdated, have been retained as the calculations they illustrate are still valid and in use. The Annexes have been listed in the Index and given titles.

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Requests for more information or clarification should be addressed to designated departmental personnel.

Designated departmental officials may contact:

Margaret McCagg
Senior Policy Analyst
Management Policy and Labour Relations
Human Resources Management Office
Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat
Telephone (613) 946-3714
Fax (613) 952-3002

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