Foreign Service Directive Committee

Prior to April 1st, 2005, several Foreign Service Directives made reference to section 51 of the Public Service Staff Relations Act (R.S., 1985, c. P-35).

Following the implementation of the Public Service Labour Relations Act (S.C., 2003, c. 22) on April 1st, 2005, the FSDs were amended and references to section 51 of the Public Service Staff Relations Act (PSLRA) were replaced by section 105.

The FSD Committee has since determined that section 107 of the PSLRA (rather than section 105) more closely reflects the intent of the reference to the Act, which is that even if notice to bargain has been given, any change to the FSDs below will not be considered a change in terms and conditions of employment.

The required amendments to the Foreign Service Directives were approved on March 22, 2006 and section 105 has been changed to section 107 in the following FSDs:

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