Foreign Service Directives Committee

The Executive Committee agreed that sub-paragraph 15.33(c)(v) be reinserted into FSD 15 – Relocation.

After an extensive search of files, it is believed that the sub-paragraph was mistakenly removed between the 1995 version and the 2002 version.

Therefore, the following sub-paragraph will be reinserted into the FSD 15 – Relocation.

"15.33(c)(v): Where permanent accommodation is available for occupancy, and, through no fault or choice of the employee or of a dependant, household effects are not available for delivery to that accommodation in the headquarters city, because of a delay in shipment or because arrangements could not be made for delivery of household effects on the occupancy date, the deputy head may authorize the payment of actual and reasonable expenses for accommodation and laundry for a period ending one day after delivery of the employee's household effects."

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