Service-Wide Committee on Occupational Health and Safety


The NJC has embarked on a project to conduct an environmental scan of introductory occupational health and safety (OH&S) training provided to employees and participants in the health and safety (H&S) programme in all departments and agencies.

There are two primary objectives for the project:

-          to compile and make available a source of best practices and training programme content (templates, course outlines and curricula) that can be reviewed and/or used by any of the stakeholders (i.e. departments and separate agencies) to add, modify or improve elements of their particular OH&S training programmes; and

-          to provide the Service-Wide Occupational Health and Safety Committee with recommendations on overall OH&S programme improvement.

Guidance for this project will come from the Service-Wide Occupational Health and Safety Committee Co-Chairs.

The initial focus will be on OH&S training provided to H&S committee members, from workplace committees through the regional ones up to the departmental/agency policy committees.

Over the next few weeks, selected key stakeholders will be approached by the NJC Programme Coordinator with a request to meet and discuss their current training programme as it pertains to OH&S committees.

Your participation, assistance and input in this endeavour would be greatly appreciated.