The Public Service Commission Advisory Council (PSCAC) has decided to share this Report before the passage of Bill C-25, the Public Service Modernization Act, because of the widespread interest in understanding what the concept of co-development is and how it might be implemented.  The PSCAC recognizes that this Report outlines one possible approach to co-development with clear potential for practical application as a tool in labour relations.  We hope that this Report offers a strong starting point for further discussion about co-development initiatives.

The Public Service Commission has received the Report, and is now reviewing it to determine how and where this co-development model and its principles might be used in the Commission's operations and resourcing policy development.  While a formal response has not yet been made to the Report, the Commission encourages other organizations and agencies to consider the Working Group's elaboration of the concept of co-development. 

We hope this Report will lead to further joint discussion on how co-development can be used to improve human resources management and labour relations in many workplaces. 

John Baglow

George Da Pont

Co-chairs, PSCAC

July 2003

This Report from the Working Group on Co-development is distributed by the Public Service Commission Advisory Council (PSCAC).  If excerpts from it are used in other publications, it is asked that this Report be appropriately referenced.


The Working Group acknowledges the assistance of the following individuals:

Daryl Bean

Member, Advisory Committee on Labour Management Relations in the Federal Public Service

Monique Boudrias

Assistant Deputy Minister, Task Force on Modernizing Human Resources Management in the Public Service

Dan Butler

General Secretary, National Joint Council

Martha Hynna

Member, Advisory Committee on Labour Management Relations in the Federal Public Service