Work Force Adjustment Committee

The Executive Committee of the National Joint Council (NJC) is pleased to announce that it recently accepted the report of the Work Force Adjustment Committee in regard to the Cyclical Review of the Directive.

This Work Force Adjustment Directive was developed in partnership by employer and bargaining agent representatives at the National Joint Council. Its provisions form part of the collective agreements of the participating parties under the By-Laws of the National Joint Council.


The revised Directive applies to represented employees of the Core Public Administration who have the Work Force Adjustment Directive listed as a National Joint Council Directive in their collective agreements and for which the Treasury Board is the employer (departments, organizations or agencies listed in Schedules I and IV to the Financial Administration Act, for which the Public Service Commission has the sole authority to appoint).

This Directive also applies to the Office of the Auditor General of Canada and its Bargaining Agent.


The revised Directive is effective on June 1, 2006.

Major Changes

In view of the changes to the roles and responsibilities of the Public Service Commission, section 1.3 was completely revamped. There are now three (3) new subsections in the Directive and a new "Appendix E" describing the Role of PSC in administering surplus and lay-off priority entitlements.

A flow chart guide was created to provide a visual representation to demonstrate the functioning of the Directive and its entitlements: "Appendix D" Key elements of the Work Force Adjustment Directive.

This flowchart is provided for information purposes only.

The Education Allowance was increased from $8,000.00 to $10,000.00.

All opting employees will be entitled to up to $600.00 (increased from $400.00) towards counselling services regarding their potential re-employment or retirement. Such counselling services may include financial, and job placement counselling services.

The NJC Executive Committee wishes to thank all members of the Work Force Adjustment Committee and representatives of the Public Service Commission (PSC) for their efforts and commitment in this review.

The new Work Force Adjustment Directive will be available shortly at the following link:


Enquiries about this Directive should be referred to the respective bargaining agent, or the responsible officers in departmental headquarters.

Responsible officers in departmental headquarters may, in turn, direct questions regarding the application of this directive to the Senior Director, Excluded Groups and Administrative Policies, Labour Relations and Compensation Operations, Treasury Board Secretariat.