The National Joint Council (NJC) is pleased to announce that the consultations led by the Government Travel Committee have resulted in a new version of the NJC Commuting Assistance Directive. The Committee is composed of representatives from the Federal Public Service Bargaining Agents, the Employer and departments/agencies.

The provisions of the Commuting Assistance Directive form part of the collective agreements of the participating parties under the By-Laws of the National Joint Council.

The Executive Committee wishes to thank all members of the Government Travel Committee for their effort and commitment in this important review.

Implementation Date

The new version of the Commuting Assistance Directive is effective October 1, 2020.


The full text of the Directive is available on the NJC website:

Highlights of the changes are presented below.


Employees should address any questions to their Designated Departmental Commuting Assistance Coordinators ( or their bargaining agent.

Highlights of Changes

Throughout the Directive



Types of Assistance

Appendix B

Appendix B has been updated to reflect the most up-to-date information with respect to Qualified Worksites and Designated Suitable Residential Communities.