FSD 46 - Post leave/option


This directive provides an employee with an optional benefit of ten days of post leave per year, in lieu of the provisions for a post specific allowance under FSD 56 - Foreign service incentive allowances. Unless specifically requested, employees will receive the post specific allowance rather than post leave.

Directive 46

46.01 An employee shall have the choice of electing for post leave, as outlined under this directive, or a post specific allowance under FSD 56 - Foreign service incentive allowances, but not both. Unless post leave is specifically requested, an employee shall receive the post specific allowance.

46.02 Where an employee elects for post leave, the provision of this directive shall apply:

(a) on or after June 1, 2001, as applicable, for employees who arrive at post on or after this date, or

(b) on such date as may be determined by the deputy head, subsequent to June 1, 2001, for employees,

(i) who are on posting on June 1, 2001 and who are subject to the transitional provisions under Section 46.05; or

(ii) who are in receipt of a post specific allowance under FSD 56 - Foreign service incentive allowances;

46.03 The deputy head shall grant post leave to an employee under the same conditions as vacation leave would be granted for the employee's occupational group, except that:

(a) post leave credits are available for use at post, are portable between posts, and may be used in conjunction with relocation travel from post;

(b) the total accumulation of post leave credits at any time shall not exceed 40 days; when this maximum is reached, the employee will automatically receive the post specific allowance under FSD 56 - Foreign service incentive allowances, until such time as the employee reduces post leave credits below 40 days and again elects for the provisions of this directive for post leave;

(c) on request, an employee may receive cash payment for any or all accrued post leave credits, on the basis of salary in effect on the date the request is made, and

(d) post leave credits shall be cashed out on the employee's return to Canada, on the basis of salary in effect on the date of the employee's return to duty in Canada.


(a) Where an employee elects for post leave, credits shall be accumulated at the rate of 10/12 of a day for each completed month of service at a post, until:

(i) completion of an employee's tour of duty (or tours of duty, in the case of cross-posting), to a maximum of 40 days, or

(ii) the last day of the month following two months' notification by the employee to change from post leave (FSD 46) to a post specific allowance (FSD 56);

(b) For purposes of calculating credits under this directive, an employee shall be deemed to have a completed month of service where at least ten compensation days are spent at a post, except that during a cross-posting an employee cannot accumulate credits on the basis of two periods of ten compensation days within the same calendar month.


1. The deputy head shall ensure that a record of post leave credits is maintained.

2. To request a change from a post specific allowance to post leave, or vice-versa, employees should inform their headquarters FSD Administrator, in writing, two months prior to the date of the desired change. Normally, e-mail would be the preferred method of communication, in order to ensure sufficient time to effect the change, but fax or official mail may be used when appropriate.

3. In applying Sections 46.03 and 46.04:

(a) Post leave may be taken on its own or in conjunction with vacation leave and/or with foreign service leave, where an employee has a bank of foreign service leave credits.

(b) It should be noted that vacation leave, post leave and foreign service leave are entitlements. Every effort should be made to authorize leave as requested by the employee.

Transitional Provisions

46.05 Employees at post on June 1, 2001, who were under the provisions of FSD 45 - Foreign service travel of the 1993 Foreign Service Directives (revised October 1, 1997) on May 31, 2001, shall remain under these 1997 provisions until:

(a) the next annual anniversary date of arrival at post, or

(b) the first day following completion of the time necessary to fulfil the requirement for a travel allowance, where one or more travel allowances have been authorized in advance,

at which time, unless an employee elects for post leave in accordance with Section 46.02(b)(i), such employee shall receive a post specific allowance in accordance with FSD 56 - Foreign service incentive allowances.