The following table lists the benefits available to a employee:

Relocation Benefits Core Customized Personalized
A. Relocation Planning
Explanation of the mobility program X   
Presentation of Directive benefits and options X   
Presentation of transferable values and their application X   
Provide financial tools to evaluate renting vs buying X   
Provide counselling on importance of door-to-door move X   
Provide counselling on the multiple aspects of the move X   
Counsel on when HHT should be taken, pre-search requirements X   
Provide liaison service for GTS and HGRS X   
B. Destination Orientation
Provide information consultation on new location/community X  
Provide guidance on securing accommodation (rent/purchase) X  
Provide information on market values and trends at destination X  
Provide information on new neighbourhood, schools, special facilities, commuting services, senior homes, etc. X  
Assist in pre-qualifying for HHT (housing requirements and financial considerations) X  
Assist in preparing home/rent search plan and link-up at new locale X  
Counsel on pre-approved mortgage X  
Provide list of local realtors and brief on the range of services to be expected - "open broker policy" X  
Counsel on signing agreements with purchasing agents for newly built sale by owner properties, etc. X  
Provide list of local participating lawyers and brief on the range of services to be expected - "open brokerpolicy"; list of reimbursable disbursements X  
Provide list of local participating financial institutions and brief on penalties and options, range and level of services to be expected - "open broker policy" X  
Provide list of local participating building inspection firms and brief on the range and level of services to be expected X  
Counsel on limitation of fees payable under IRP X  
Counsel on Offer-to-Purchase process X  
Counsel on exceptional circumstances X  
Provide information on basic leases, penalties, lease terms, etc. X  
C. House Hunting Trip: Section 4
Authorized Travel time (2 days) X  
Additional travel time -change of authorized transportation mode   X
Boarding of Pets   X X
Car Rental (upgrade from mid-size via Personalized funding) X    X
Dependent Care (above Core funded from Customized/Personalized) X X X
Extended HHT (additional 2 days + 2 days)   X X
House Hunting Trip - Expenses for Children/Extended family   X X
HHT duration Expenses - employee and spouse or common law partner (5 days - 5 nights) X  
Destination Home Inspection Trip X  
Telephone Calls (expenses above Core funded from Personalized) X   X
D. Interim Accommodation, Meals and Miscellaneous Relocation Allowance : Section 5
Accommodation, Meals and Allowance - employee and dependants X X X
Accommodation, Meals and Allowance (extended family)    X X
E. Travel To New Location: Section 6
Transportation and Travelling Expenses - employee and family X  
Transportation and Travelling Expenses - Extended Family   X X
F. Rental Accommodation: Section 7
Professional Cleaning of Former/New Residence ($100) X X X
Rent and Lease Liability X  
Rent in Advance of a Move See TDRA (30 days Core) X X X
Rental Agency Finding Fees X  
G. Sale/Disposal of Home: Section 8
Appraisal Fees on Sale of Home - 1 appraisal/additional appraisals X X X
Attending Fees/Power of Attorney (actual and reasonable) X  
Capital Improvements - per Income Tax Act  
Home Equity Loss - (capped @ $15,000)   X
Legal Fees and Disbursements (corporate rates) X  
Marketing Incentives   X X
Mortgage Interest Differential Penalty - non-portable mortgage X  
Mortgage Paydown Penalty - non-portable mortgage X  
Mortgage Paydown Penalty - Portable   X
Professional Cleaning of Former/New Residence ($100) X X  
Real Estate Commission (corporate rates) X  
Return trip to finalize sale X  
Building/Structural Inspection (corporate rates)   X X
TDRA (limitations may apply) X X X
TDRA - Weekend Travel Home X     
Property Management Services   X
H. Purchase of Home: Section 9
Attending fees X  
$25,000 Home Relocation Loan   X X
Bridging Loan - interest   X X
Building/Structural Inspection (corporate rates) limitations   X X
Follow-up inspections X  
Interest on short term loan - deposit for a home purchase   X X
Legal Fees and Disbursements (corporate rates) X  
Mortgage Default Insurance Premium   X X
Mortgage Interest Differential (up to 5 years; up to $5,000) X  
Mortgage Interest Buy-down   X
New Home Warranty   X
Power of Attorney X  
Professional cleaning ($100) X X X
I. Shipment of Personal Effects: Section 11
Crating   X X
Incidental Shipping Expenses   X X
Long term storage (restricted to Isolated Postings) X  
Miscellaneous Shipping Expenses   X X
Return trip to effect move X  
Shipment of Antiques and Works of Art   X X
Shipment of Boats, Motorcycles, and ATV's   X X
Shipment of Furniture & Effects - Core up to 20,000lb/9,071.94kg X X X
Shipment of Mobile Homes (with limitations) - Section 10 X X X
Shipment of Pets   X X
Shipment of PMV - 1 vehicle (Storage not permitted) X  
Shipment of Second/additional P.M.Vs   X X
Shipment of Trailers   X X
Storage in Transit - over Core (Custom/Personalized) X X X
J. Additional Benefits
Additional Insurance - Motor Vehicles   X X
Adjustments and Alterations to Furniture and Fixtures   X X
Counselling Services - Extended Family   X  
Duplicate Housing or Commuting Assistance X  
EX/GIC Enhanced services X  
Home Renovations for Disabled employees and Dependants   X X
Property Management Fees (Former Home)   X
Spousal Employment Search   X X
Spousal Curriculum Vitae and Interview Travel   X X
Sundry Accountable Incidental Relocation Expenses X  

Note: See appropriate sections for description, rate limitation and application.