13.1 Telework

13.1.1 Employees authorized under the Treasury Board Telework Policy to work from their current place of residence in Canada instead of being relocated to the new place of work shall be subject to this Directive upon termination of the Telework arrangement.

13.2 Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive

13.2.1 The IRP relocation provisions may apply to employees relocated to Isolated Posts for a period in excess of one (1) year, with the following conditions:

  • weight restrictions as per Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive;
  • entitlements as per Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive;
  • transferable savings are not applicable when the Crown has to pay for storage cost;
  • storage of a portion of a employee's effects is to be authorized only in exceptional circumstances or where assigned crown-owned accommodations will not accommodate all personal possessions.

Core Fund

  • Actual storage cost
  • The combined shipment/storage weight not to exceed 20,000lb/9,072kg.

Customized/Personalized Funds

Weight in excess of 20,000lb/9,072kg placed in storage

13.2.2 Storage of Household Effect and/or Private Motor Vehicle

See section 11.8 Long-Term Storage

13.2.3 IP Weight Restrictions & Customized Fund Calculations

  • There will be no entitlement to the Transportation of Household Goods component of the Customized fund calculation since the effects are being shipped from Long Term Storage.
  • The weight restrictions listed in the current IPGHD will remain in place and the shipment of HG&E will be considered from the point of LONG TERM STORAGE upon retransfer.

13.2.4 Relocations related to retirement, disability, workforce adjustment and non-disciplinary termination shall be limited to the entitlements outlined in sections 4.2.1 and 4.10 of the IPGHD.

13.3 Unaccompanied Moves within Canada

The purpose of this provision is to provide greater flexibility for families who, for employment, education, or family-related reasons, may not wish to relocate to the employee's new place of duty.

It is not the purpose of this provision to facilitate a permanent spousal separation or marriage breakdown. Employees who are in the process of dissolving a spousal union, or who are in a situation of indefinite spousal separation that may result in dissolution of the spousal union, are not eligible for these provisions. Such employees should be aware that benefits claimed under false pretences may be recovered, and, in addition, the employee may be subject to disciplinary action.

13.3.1 Temporary Move

If the move is considered temporary and meets the criteria of a short-term assignment, it will fall under the provisions of the Travel Directive and will not qualify for the NJC Integrated Relocation Directive.

13.3.2 Permanent Move

Relocation duration in excess of three years is considered a permanent relocation - the IRP shall apply with the following clarifications. Unused Core Benefits

  • There is no reimbursement for unused Core entitlements.
  • The transfer files must be closed within the year. Transferable Credit For Not Selling Home

  • Employees who relocate unaccompanied and elect not to sell their homes at their former place of duty may transfer 80% of the real estate commission fees that would have been payable had the home been sold (taxes excluded) to the Personalized Funding envelope.
  • The amount payable is calculated on the appraised value at pre-negotiated corporate real estate commission rates, capped at $12,000.

Average appraised value of home is $300,000 max.. The commission at 5% is $15,000. Therefore a employee could transfer $12,000 (i.e., $15,000 x 80%) from the Core to the Personalized funding envelope. This could be applied to property management.


Those taking this credit must sign a waiver foregoing any future reimbursement by the Employer of real estate fees, legal fees or other related disposal costs for the property in question.

13.3.3 Moving to an Isolated Post

  • An employee moving to an Isolated Post, who is a homeowner is eligible for the incentive for not selling the home. Disposal costs relative to the future sale of the home will be the employee's personal responsibility.
  • Since the HG&E will not be moved and no further expenses will be incurred that will affect the funding envelope, the employee will be provided with a cheque for funds subject to taxation, and the necessary tax documents will be issued by the Third Party Service Provider.

13.3.4 Relocation to Another Location An employee who opts to have the family remain behind permanently while he/she proceeds to the new destination alone will be provided with :

  • 35% of the funds from the Personalized Envelope;
  • the $650 non-accountable allowance (Personalized);
  • the applicable Transfer Allowance; and
  • all funds from the Not-For-Sale Incentive.

The Third Party Service Provider (TPSP) will withhold 10% until conclusion of the relocation.

13.3.5 Visits With Family

The employee is personally responsible for all costs incurred for family visits.

13.3.6 Future Relocation

  • If the employee's workplace changes again, involving a second relocation to a third workplace, the entitlements to relocation benefits for members of the family, who were not relocated previously, shall not exceed relocation costs from the location where the employee resides had the family been residing with the employee.

13.4 Employee-Requested Relocation

13.4.1 Employee-requested relocation provisions are subject to section 12.1 of the NJC Integrated Relocation Directive.

13.4.2 The Departmental National Coordinator shall ensure:

  1. employees are provided with counselling and written confirmation on the provisions of this directive that apply; and
  2. copies of all correspondence shall be retained on the employee's relocation file.

13.4.3 An employee-requested transfer that results in an authorized relocation to a position at the appropriate group and level which is vacant on arrival at the new place of duty shall be deemed to be an employer-requested relocation.

  1. The relocated employee shall be reimbursed relocation expenses within the limits prescribed in this Directive, unless the deputy head or senior delegated officer provides written certification that, had the vacant position not been filled as a result of an employee-requested transfer, it would have been filled through normal staffing procedures without relocation expenses being incurred.
  2. When a position is so certified, any relocation assistance is at the discretion of the deputy head or senior delegated officer, as outlined at the beginning of this section.

13.5 Pre-Sale of Principal Residence

13.5.1 Employees who incur expenses related to a relocation, shall be personally responsible for such expenses, unless and until the relocation is subsequently authorized.

13.5.2 If an employee incurs expenses related to a personal relocation, the employer shall not be responsible for any related expenses of the personal relocation process.

13.6 Assignments (Short-Term) Relocation from outside Canada and the USA

Because of the varying living conditions outside Canada, special short-term relocation provisions have been developed, to cover periods of assignment abroad. See Foreign Service Directives (FSD) III.

13.7 Employees on Assignment for more than one year

The NJC Integrated Relocation Directive may apply to employees on assignments for more than one years' duration, by mutual agreement of the employer and employee. Where the assignment is for more than one year and less than three years, the provisions on sale (section VIII) and purchase of property (section IX) will not apply. The modified funding envelope which follows below will apply to employees in this category.

Customized Funding Formula

Funding allowance: $1,000 @ 100%


+ Transportation cost - one way- kilometric rate (employee and dependants)
______ x 35% =


+ Cost of shipping 1000 lb (453.60kg) of household goods per qualifying room* (zone-to-zone matrix)
______ x 35% =

Total Customized Funding:


Pesonalized Funding Formula



+ Non-accountable incidental allowance (EX/GIC not entitled - see 14.5.2)




Transferable Savings to Personalized Fund

+ 80% of cost savings resulting from not using long term storage (Isolated Post) for major appliances - max 24 months


+ House Hunting Trip incentive:
$250 for flying and staying over on Saturday at destination; or Interim Lodging Meals & Incidentals (ILM&I) savings for unused days (max $250, taxes included.)


+ Savings for shipping below threshold




Total Pesonalized Funding:


* Qualifying rooms - (kitchen, bedrooms, living room, recreation room, family room, dining room, basement, garage (not condos and apartments), out building (limit of one), storage room (separate from apartment); weight of ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, etc., stored in garage is excluded from weight factor; (1 kg = 2.2046 lb)