14.1 IRP Application

14.1.1 The NJC Integrated Relocation Directive is compulsory for all employees appointed to, or currently in the following groups, whose substantive classification is: DM, GX, EX, LA 2B-3C, MD-MOF 4/5, MD-MSP 3, Governor-in-Council levels 1 to 11, and excluded DS 7 and DS 8.

14.1.2 The provisions of the NJC Integrated Relocation Directive are compulsory for all persons appointed to the EX and GIC categories from outside the Public Service.

14.2 10% Home Sale Assistance

In conjunction with the applicable NJC Integrated Relocation Directive provisions described in preceding chapters, EX and GIC employees will also qualify for the following:

14.2.1 10% Home Sale Assistance (see the examples in Appendix "A" at the end of section 14) Employees may be reimbursed the difference between the appraised value of their home and the actual selling price, if the latter is lower. The maximum reimbursement shall not exceed 10% of the appraised value, or $15,000, whichever is greater. The appraised value is to be determined by a certified appraisal as per the provisions under the IRP contract (Note 1).

Core Fund

  • EX/GIC's can reduce the selling price by up to 10% of appraised value
  • Limited to $15,000
  • No Home Equity Assistance (HEA)

Customized/Personalized Funds

  • Any amounts above $15,000 - subject to availability of funds from the envelope and subject to CRA rules


  1. Market value is to be based on appraisal as provided for under IRP and is to be consistent with other NJC Integrated Relocation Directive requirements.
  2. Properties being sold for less than 95% of the appraised value require pre-departmental approval. All such cases are to be submitted by RLRS directly to the Departmental National Co-ordinator for approval.

Home appraised at $100,000 but is listed at $105,000. If the selling price is reduced to $90,000 because of the 10% option, prior approval must be obtained from the Departmental National Co-ordinator because the sale price is now below 95% of the appraised value.

14.3 Assistance for Home Search

Employees shall be reimbursed under the Core Fund, actual and reasonable expenses for rental/home finding services provided by professional rental firms up to the pre-negotiated corporate rates. See section 7.7.

14.4 Weekend Travel Home Every Two Weeks while on TDRA

Applicable to employees with dependants who remain in the family home.

This entitlement is based on the premise that the employee will make travel arrangements more than 14 days in advance.

14.4.1 When a door-to-door move is not possible, EX/GIC category employees shall be entitled to travel home on average every two weeks while on Temporary Dual Residence Assistance (TDRA). The total number of weekend travel home trips shall not exceed:

  • two (2) trips over the initial thirty days of the TDRA; and
  • six (6) trips over the initial ninety days of the TDRA; and
  • not to exceed eight (8) trips over the period of the TDRA.

Payment of these transportation expenses comes from the Core fund.


Travel arrangements are to be made as per the Government of Canada travel contract. This entitlement and any subsequent reimbursement remains a Departmental/Agency responsibility and is not processed by the Third Party Service Provider in any form whatsoever.

14.5 Incidental Expenses Allowance

14.5.1 The $650 non-accountable incidental allowance is not applicable to EXs/GICs on relocation.

14.5.2 Employees appointed to or from within the EX and GIC groups, are entitled to a taxable relocation allowance equivalent to four weeks salary (the $650 non-accountable incidental allowance allowed by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is included in this amount). The allowance is based on the annual salary effective on the date of appointment. The weekly rate of pay is the employee's annual rate of pay (salary paid between the minimum rate and the job rate), divided by 52.176. A new appointee's incidental allowance is based on the annual salary effective on the date of appointment to the EX/GIC position and is not subject to any retroactivity- see calculation formula.

Example: GOC EXs/GICs incidental allowance calculation based on factor: gross annual salary/52.176 x 4 (weeks).

14.6 Enhanced EX/GIC Services

At the discretion of the employing department/agency, EXs and GICs may be offered face-to-face consultations with the Third Party Service Provider's personnel for:

  • preparation of HHT;
  • post HHT;
  • final reconciliation;
  • counselling at employee's office (within the regional office locations);**
  • initial consultation with TPSP representative.**

All travel cost incurred by service provider's personnel will be borne by the employer.

The additional cost of this service is the responsibility of the employing department/agency, and is not included in the service contract.