The purpose of this directive is to provide financial assistance to career foreign service employees and RCMP Liaison Officers while serving in Canada in enrolling their dependent children in a lycée in Canada, in order to ensure continuity in French language education while serving outside Canada.

Please refer to the Instructions at the end of this Directive for additional information or greater clarification of certain sections.


33.1 Application

33.1.1 The provisions of this directive are available to career foreign service employees and to RCMP Liaison Officers, while serving in Canada, in order to ensure continuity in French language education for their dependent children while serving outside Canada.

33.1.2 The deputy head may authorize payment of the cost of tuition, prescribed textbooks and school supplies (as determined under the provisions of the definitions of FSD 34) incurred at a lycée in Canada in respect of children who:

(a) were registered in the French lycée system during the assignment of the employee abroad;

(b) commence kindergarten in the lycée system during the assignment of an employee in Canada following an assignment abroad; and

(c) are enrolled in a lycée in Canada where an employee has not been offered an initial assignment outside Canada.

(Note: Refer to Instructions)

33.1.3 Payment authorized in accordance with subsection 33.1.2 shall normally be limited to the two-year period immediately following:

(a) the employee's assignment to Canada from abroad, and/or

(b) the date on which the employee commences rotational employment.

33.2 Deputy Head Discretion

33.2.1 Exceptions to the limitations prescribed by subsection 33.1.3 may be considered on an individual basis by the deputy head of the employing department, who may approve extensions of up to one year at a time as a result of operational requirements. This deputy head discretion would also extend to situations where an employee is assigned to or from Canada during the academic year.


Instruction for 33.1.2 - Application

For purposes of this section, a child must qualify for assistance in accordance with the provisions of FSD 34.1.1(a), that is, the child must be aged 3 years and 8 months as of September 1 of the school year.


Education Assistance at a Lycée in Canada – Claim Form