Welcome to the Web Site of the National Joint Council. Much of the publicly available information of the NJC is available on this site. We encourage you to explore the site and let us know how we are doing. Are we meeting your needs?

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Please note that the NJC Secretariat is not mandated to provide interpretations of NJC Directives.  For questions regarding interpretations, please contact your Designated Departmental Coordinator.

If you have questions regarding any of the NJC Committees, please contact the Committee Advisor responsible at the appropriate email address below.

Executive Committee
National Joint Council
Public Service Health Care Plan Partners
Union-Management Relations Committee

Dental Care Plan Board of Management (NJC Part)
Disability Insurance Board of Management
Official Languages Committee

Foreign Service Directives Committee
Relocation Committee
Service-Wide Committee on Occupational Health and Safety
Workforce Adjustment Committee

Government Travel Committee
Isolated Posts and Government Housing Committee
Joint Employment Equity Committtee
Occupational Health and Safety Committee

If you are interested in having the NJC General Secretary present at one of your upcoming events, please contact us by telephone at (613) 990-1805 or by email at email.courrier@njc-cnm.gc.ca.

If you experience any technical difficulties while browsing or navigating the NJC site, please contact Jennifer Cross at Jennifer.Cross@njc-cnm.gc.ca.