A survey conducted in 2007 revealed that all departments were compliant with section 8 of the Public Service Labour Relations Act, which, since 2005, requires Deputy Heads to establish labour-management consultation committees (LMCCs) in their organization. The survey also showed that there were no tools in place to measure the efficiency of those committees.

Recently, a series of tools, the product of a fruitful collaboration between bargaining agent representatives and employer representatives, has been developed to improve the effectiveness of LMCCs within organizations. The principal purpose of the self-assessment tool is to promote dialogue amongst members of LMCCs to help them become more productive and successful. The questions contained therein have been worded broadly in order to allow all levels of LMCCs to use them or to adapt them to their particular circumstances.

The checklist for a successful LMCC provides tips in this area and the Resource Kit for LMCCs contains a section where departments can leverage on the excellent work that has already been done through the sharing of their smart practices and templates with their colleagues.

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Director, Union Engagement and NJC Support
Compensation and Labour Relations
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