10.1 Purpose

10.1.1 When an employee is authorized to move HG&E on relocation, the employer may pay the costs to move the employee’s mobile home which serves as the employee’s principal residence. However, movement of a mobile home is restricted to those employees who owned such property prior to April 1, 2003.

10.1.2 Mobile homes purchased after April 1, 2003 are excluded from this directive and will not be relocated at public expense.

10.2 Responsibility

10.2.1 It is the employee’s responsibility after consulting with the CRSP, to contract and arrange for the move of the mobile home.

10.3 Funding Overview

10.3.1 The benefits outlined in this part are paid from both the Basic Core Fund and the Core Customized Fund as follows:


Basic Core Fund

Core Customized Fund

Movement of mobile home

Actual and reasonable expenses

Over size or multiple units

Rental of equipment to remove from pad and positioning for hook up of towing vehicle

Actual and reasonable expenses


Rental of equipment to place on pad at destination

Actual and reasonable expenses


Storage when authorized

Actual and reasonable expenses

Additional expenses for oversize/multiple units

Basic in transit insurance

Actual cost up to $100,000

Additional insurance cost over $100,000

Other services and charges


Actual and reasonable expenses


10.4 Entitlements

10.4.1 The employer shall authorize reimbursement of actual and reasonable expenses from the Basic Core Fund for the preparation, cartage and installation of the mobile home in accordance with this directive.

10.4.2 Expenses must be less than market value of the mobile home.

10.5 Non-Transferable Savings from Core to Personalized

10.5.1 No savings are eligible for transfer from the Basic Core to the Personalized Fund (i.e. shipping less than 1,000 lb/room).

10.6 Prohibited Move of a Mobile Home

10.6.1 The movement of mobile homes is prohibited to the following locations:

  1. Yukon and Northwest Territories - excluding Yellowknife.
  2. Nunavut, Goose Bay, Labrador, Newfoundland.

10.7 Storage

10.7.1 If an employee’s personal effects are in storage and it is found that the employee’s mobile home (principal residence) is not practical at the new destination or that it cannot be shipped, and that the employee does not wish to sell/rent it, the employee shall be reimbursed* the storage costs of the mobile home.

* subject to condition of mobile home.

10.8 Moving from Storage

10.8.1 Upon relocating to a new destination an employee shall be authorized to move the mobile home to the new workplace from where it was stored. Related expenses are reimbursed from the Core Customized Fund.

10.9 Other Service Charges

10.9.1 Employees shall be reimbursed actual and reasonable expenses as follows:

  Basic Core Fund

  1. rental of equipment to remove from pad and position for hook-up of towing vehicle;
  2. cartage;
  3. preparation (at destination) including blocking and connection of utilities;
  4. rental of equipment (at destination) to place on pad;
  5. basic in-transit insurance up to a value of $100,000;
  6. long-term storage (when authorized – Isolated Posts only);

    Core Customized Fund
  7. disconnection of utilities;
  8. cartage of oversized/multiple units and storage in transit;
  9. insurance in excess of the Basic Core Fund and for oversized/multiple units (Personalized Fund only);
  10. preparation for transit including unblocking;
  11. ensuring road worthiness to provincial standards (Personalized Fund only);
  12. long-term storage – Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive (IPGHD) (when authorized) for oversized/multiple units;
  13. additional costs incurred for the movement of an oversize or multiple units.