This part of the Directive enhances and supplements Part IX (Sanitation) [] of the COHSR and should be read in that context.

This part applies in all government-owned buildings. However, for employees occupying buildings not owned by the federal government, this part shall apply to the maximum extent that is reasonably practicable.

8.1 General Responsibilities

8.1.1 The employer will establish an inspection schedule including, meeting inspection requirements, established by the appropriate regulatory authority, for every food preparation area used by employees, in consultation with the workplace health and safety committee or workplace health and safety representative.

8.1.2 Any inspection reports by the appropriate regulatory authority, shall be shared with the workplace health and safety committee or workplace health and safety representative.

8.2 Care of Premises

8.2.1 To the extent possible, the employer shall use cleaning products that are certified as environmentally friendly such as Canada’s Environmental Choice (EcoLogo) or Green Seal Certification. Upon request, the employer will provide to any worker the specifications on all cleaning products.

8.2.2 With the advice of a qualified person and in consultation with the appropriate health and safety committee, departments shall establish contingency procedures for cases in which there is a temporary interruption in the supply of drinking water or to the water used to remove water-borne waste.

8.3 Toilet Facilities, Plumbing and Sanitation

8.3.1 In workplaces other than offices with more than 100 employees of each sex, there shall be six toilets for each sex. One additional toilet shall be supplied for each group of 30 employees or fewer. The employer shall endeavor to make available at least one gender inclusive washroom, clearly indicated with appropriate gender-neutral signage, in each building with the aim of having multi-stall gender inclusive toilets available.

8.3.2 Urinals may be provided for up to half the number of toilets required for male employees.

8.4 Water Quality

8.4.1 The employer will adhere, as a minimum, to the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, as amended from time to time, or to any other federally, provincially or territorially appropriate standards and any existing guidelines that provide the higher level of protection to workers.

8.4.2 Any storage container for drinking water shall be disinfected in a manner approved by a qualified person at least once a week while in use, and before the container is used following storage.

8.4.3 A fountain supplying drinking water shall not be installed in a personal service room containing a toilet.

8.5 Clothing Storage

8.5.1 To ensure every employee’s privacy, all change rooms will have a ceiling fixed to the adjoining walls of the change room.

8.6 Lunchrooms

8.6.1 A specific sink to wash utensils and dishes, not including lavatory or sanitary facility wash basins, shall be provided when a lunchroom is provided for employees.

8.7 Field Accommodation

8.7.1 A qualified person may direct that other measures be taken to maintain sanitary and healthy conditions in a field accommodation. Where reasonably practicable, in consultation with the health and safety committee, the employer shall ensure that shower facilities are available for workers requiring field accommodation.

8.8 Food Preparation and Storage and Serving of Food

8.8.1 When, in the opinion of a qualified person, a standard, code, procedure or condition referred to in this standard or utilized by a department or agency does not provide a sufficient degree of health protection, or may otherwise be inappropriate, he or she may issue directions in writing to the department or agency concerning the appropriate standard, code of practice or procedure to be applied.

8.8.2 Information or advice about applicable standards, codes, procedures and good industrial sanitation and health practices for a specific situation may be obtained from the qualified person.