This part of the Directive enhances and supplements Part XI (Confined Spaces) [] of the COHSR and should be read in that context.

11.1 General

11.1.1 Policies, procedures and work practices shall be consistent with the appropriate standard, in consultation with the appropriate workplace and/or policy committees.

11.2 Hazard Assessment

11.2.1 The employer shall ensure that an employee required to enter a confined space has received information about the assessment of the confined space by a qualified person that includes:

  1. copies of the report and the record of the findings of the assessment carried out by the qualified person;
  2. verification that the health and safety committee and/or health and safety representative has received copies of the qualified persons report and the record of the findings;
  3. a copy of any review by the qualified person to ensure that the assessment report with which it is concerned is still accurate after three years;
  4. information and education about the specifications set out and used by a qualified person to verify hazards that may exist due to the design, construction, or location or the atmosphere and the materials or substances it contains or any other conditions related to the confined space; and
  5. the hazards that may develop while work is performed inside the confined space.

11.3 Confined-space Entry Procedures

11.3.1 For the purposes of this section, any procedures developed by a department shall include an entry permit system that shall include a checklist of entry requirements to be given to and signed by the employee(s).

11.3.2 No employee shall enter a confined space unless the appropriate entry permit has been issued and signed by a qualified person and explained to, understood by and signed by the employee before entry.

11.3.3 Procedures developed in consultation with the appropriate health and safety committee shall include those to be followed by the qualified persons responsible for inspecting, maintaining and testing all monitoring equipment, personal protective equipment, ventilating equipment and safety harnesses and any other entry, protective and rescue equipment used in conjunction with entry into a confined space.

11.3.4 If a person is about to enter a confined space under an entry permit system, the employer shall appoint a qualified person (who could be the same person) to verify tests that a percentage of oxygen between 19.5% and 23% by volume, at normal atmospheric pressure, is achievable while the person is in the confined space.

11.4 Ship and Vessel Repair

11.4.1 For confined spaces in ships or vessels in repair, maintenance or refit, the employer may use forced ventilation from the lowest point in the confined space to meet the requirements related to exposure to a concentration of chemical agents.

11.4.2 When conditions in the confined space can be maintained in that state, an entry permit system may be established in accordance with section 11.3, which shall be valid for multiple entries into the confined space during a specified period.

11.4.3 The permit shall be valid for a maximum of one shift for uncoated fuel tanks and for a maximum of 24 hours in all other situations.

11.4.4 All ship and vessel repair including the application of paints, coatings and resins, shall follow manufacturer’s specifications.