12.1 Employee-requested Relocation

12.1.1 The intention behind employee-requested relocations is for employers to recognize that there may be circumstances in employees’ personal lives that may lead them to ask for employment in another location, such as a death or illness in the family. Employers can respond to these requests on a compassionate basis by authorizing a relocation, when it is possible for them to do so. The intent of authorizing an employee-requested relocation on compassionate grounds is not to avoid the costs associated with an employer-requested relocation that is a part of the normal staffing activities of an employer.

12.1.2 An employee may request an employee-requested relocation for personal or compassionate reasons. DNCs may approve an employee-requested relocation when:

  1. there is a vacant position at the appropriate group and level at destination;
  2. the deputy head or senior delegated officer provides written certification that the relocation meets the intent as described in subsection 12.1.1; and
  3. the employee acknowledges in writing that the relocation is employee-requested and that the benefits are limited to those outlined in this section.

12.1.3 The Departmental National Coordinator shall ensure that:

  1. employees are provided with counselling and written confirmation on the applicable provisions of this directive from the CRSP; and
  2. copies of all correspondence are retained on the employee’s relocation file.

12.1.4 When an employee-requested relocation is approved, the employee is entitled to:

  1. the sum of up to five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) in their Core Customized Fund;
  2. the Basic Core and Personalized Funds do not apply;
  3. unused or remaining monies shall be returned to the Receiver General of Canada/department and are not payable to the employee as a cash-payout; and
  4. a contract with a relocation services supplier who will provide the employee with professional assistance such as counselling on the relocation benefits available, guidance on accommodation at the new location and expense management.

12.1.5 Employees may claim reasonable and actual relocation expenses listed in this directive until the Core Customized Fund is depleted. There is no assistance for disposal or acquisition of a principal residence, including rental related expenses.

12.1.6 Employees may claim a Non-Accountable Incidental Expense Allowance in the amount of $650 as part of the $5,000.00 allocation of Core Customized fund as follows:

  1. receipts are not required however they should be retained by the employee in the event of a tax audit;
  2. the employee must sign a statement certifying that the expenses were incurred.

12.1.7 All commercial travel arrangements are to be made through the Government’s contracted travel services. Employees are governed by the NJC Travel Directive.