13.1 Telework

13.1.1 Employees authorized under the Treasury Board Telework Policy to work from their current place of residence in Canada instead of being relocated to the new workplace shall be subject to this directive upon termination of the Telework arrangement.

13.2 Moving to/from an Isolated Post

13.2.1 The provisions of the Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive (IPGHD) related to relocation take precedence over this directive.

13.3 Unaccompanied Moves within Canada

13.3.1 The purpose of this provision is to provide greater flexibility for families who, for employment, education, or family-related reasons, may not wish to relocate to the employee’s new workplace.

13.4 Permanent Move

13.4.1 Relocation duration in excess of three (3) years is considered a permanent relocation.

13.4.2 An employee who opts to have the family remain behind permanently while he/she proceeds to the new destination alone may opt to receive the Real Estate Commission Savings incentive at paragraph 3.4.6(a). The CRSP will withhold 10% until conclusion of the relocation.

13.4.3 The employee is personally responsible for all costs incurred for family visits.

13.4.3 If the employee’s workplace changes again, involving a second relocation to a third workplace, the entitlements to relocation benefits for members of the family, who were not relocated previously, shall not exceed relocation costs from the location where the employee resides had the family been residing with the employee.

13.5 Employees on Assignment for more than one year

13.5.1 This directive may apply to employees on assignments for more than one (1) year’s duration, by mutual agreement of the employer and employee. Where the assignment is for more than one (1) year and less than three (3) years, the provisions on sale (see Part VIII) and purchase of property (see Part IX) will not apply.

13.5.2 Departments and employees should exercise care when contemplating relocation to the assignment location as no further relocation benefits will be provided if the assignment is extended or becomes permanent as the employee will already have relocated to the new workplace.

13.5.3 The modified funding formula which can be found in Appendix D will apply to employees in this category.