List of participating employers subject to the PSHCP, as amended from time to time by the Treasury Board of Canada:

Atlantic Pilotage Authority .  
Atomic Energy Control Board .  
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd   .
Canada Border Services Agency .  
Canada Revenue Agency .  
Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation .  
Canada Ports Corporation (HQ) .  
Canada Investment and Savings (DET) (formerly Canada Retail Debt Agency (CRDA) .  
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety .  
Canadian Commercial Corporation .  
Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment .  
Canadian Film Development Corporation (Telefilm Canada) .  
Canadian Food Inspection Agency .  
Canadian Institutes of Health Research .  
Canadian Museum of Nature .  
Canadian Polar Commission .  
Canadian Security Intelligence Service .  
Canadian Tourism Commission .  
Communications Security Establishment .  
Correctional Investigator .  
Deer Lodge Centre .  
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada .  
Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada .  
Great Lakes Pilotage Authority .  
Gvt. Of Nunavut .  
Gvt of N.W.T. .  
Deh Cho Health and Social Services .  
Dogrib Community Services Board .  
Fort Smith Health Centre .  
Inuvik Regional Health Board .  
N.W.T. - Workers' Compensation Board .  
N.W.T. Housing Corporation .  
N.W.T. Power Corporation .  
Stanton Yellowknife Hospital .  
Yellowknife Health and Social Services .  
Heritage Canada/Héritage Canada .  
House of Commons - employees .  
House of Commons - MPs .  
Indian Oil and Gas Canada .  
International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development .  
International Development Research Centre .  
Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Corporation   .
Laurentian Pilotage Authority .  
Library of Parliament .  
Medical Research Council of Canada .  
National Battlefields Commission .  
National Capital Commission .  
National Energy Board .  
National Film Board .  
National Gallery of Canada .  
National Museums of Science and Technology .  
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy .  
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council .  
Northern Pipeline Agency .  
Office of the Auditor General of Canada .  
Office of the Secretary to the Governor General - employees .  
Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions .  
Pacific Pilotage Authority .  
Parks Canada Agency .  
Parliamentary Centre for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade .  
Public Service Labour Relations Board .  
Queen Elizabeth Health Services (formerly Camp Hill Hospital)   .
Royal Canadian Mint .  
St. Lawrence Seaway Authority   .
Seaway International Bridge Corporation   .
Senate of Canada - employees .  
Senate of Canada - Senators .  
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council .