For the purpose of this Plan Document, a recognised ongoing pension benefit means a benefit payable pursuant to any of the following Acts, as amended from time to time by the Treasury Board of Canada:

  1. The Judges Act;
  2. Acts applicable to the Public Service:
    1. Public Service Superannuation Act;
      Civil Service Superannuation Act;
      Pension Plan of the National Harbours Board authorised under the National Harbours Board Act (this applies to persons retired prior to January 1, 1954 when the pension fund was transferred to the Superannuation Account);
      Diplomatic Service (Special) Superannuation Act (this Act applies to ambassadors, ministers, high commissioners and consuls general of Canada to another country, and any other person of comparable status serving in another country in the Public Service of Canada, who is designated by the Governor in Council, except those who are contributors to the Superannuation Account and those who elect not to come under this Act).
  3. Acts applicable to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:
    1. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Pension Continuation Act;
      Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Act.
  4. Acts applicable to the CF:
    1. Defence Services Pension Continuation Act;
    2. CF Superannuation Act.
  5. Pension Plan of the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission effective January 1, 1963.
  6. Subject to designation by the Treasury Board of Canada:
    1. any Appropriation Act that in the opinion of the Treasury Board of Canada provides for a pension calculated on the basis of length of service of the employee to or in respect of whom it was granted or is payable;
      any other Act of the Parliament of Canada providing for the payment of a pension or annuity that is designated by the Treasury Board of Canada. The Treasury Board of Canada has made the following designations:
      • Members of Parliament Retiring Allowance Act (Effective January 1, 1965 T.B. 634304, 10-12-1964);
      • The Act to make Provision for the Retirement of Members of the Senate (Effective April 1, 1966 T.B. 653969, 14-04-1966);
      • The Governor General's Act (Effective March 16, 1967 T.B. 666366, 16-03-1967).